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Natural Alternative Hyaluronic Acid Skincare

Real beauty shines from the inside, out. So we're partnering with Swisse, who are supporting your hair, skin and nail health from the inside with a range of beauty supplements and natural skincare. It's all about skin health and natural beauty, in harmony.

All the beauty inspiration images we're loving and pinning lately have one thing in common: Fresh, plump looking skin that boasts a glow. You know the look we're talking about — whether committing to a bold lip or fluttery, Bambi-esque lashes, it's a bouncy, dewy-skinned base that makes every summer beauty trend look luxe. And the key to achieving your baby-faced best? Say it with us now: Hydration, hydration, hydration! With dehydration from summer's higher temperatures and more time spent out in the sun and in the water, you'll need to really nail down your skincare routine to get that Gigi-worthy glow.

We're big fans of hyaluronic acid, and we've already written countless stories about why you should consider adding it to your beauty routine for fresh, plump skin. We love it in a serums, moisturisers, face masks, night creams. . . The more of this magical compound you can get onto your skin, the better. Seriously, we'll recommend it as a solution to almost every problem — dry skin? Hyaluronic acid. Appearance of fine lines? Hyaluronic acid? New puppy chewed up your favourite shoes? Hyaluronic acid.

So when Swisse introduced a new skincare range based on a natural alternative to our favourite beauty ingredient, we were intrigued. What is the Senna plant extract? Why hadn't we heard of it before? And would it really give us the smooth, plump skin we've been dreaming of?

What is the Senna plant extract?

The key ingredient in Swisse's Hyaluro-Natural™ range, Senna is a natural botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, derived from the seeds of the Indian plant Cassia angustifolia. Milday's Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary also touts the plant's smoothing and softening properties, as well as its ability to increase moisturisation — something that can help the appearance of skin, long-term. Seriously, how have we never heard of it before?

Which products contain Senna?

Swisse has bottled this plant powerhouse in the Hyaluro-Natural™ Moisturising Facial Serum ($29.99) — a product that may just be the pick of our beauty cabinet. Apply morning and night to a freshly cleansed face to leave a protective veil of moisture on your skin, allowing for a natural, radiant complexion.

For something a little extra, the Hyaluro-Natural™ Hydrating Facial Mask ($17.99) is a deeply-nourishing treatment before bed. We'll be using this as an overnight sleeping mask for when our skin needs a little more hydration to get back to its juicy best.

So, should I still be using hyaluronic acid products?

While it's great to know that there is a natural alternative out there, we probably won't be giving up hyaluronic acid altogether. Instead, we'll feed our skin with what it craves over summer — if that means a more specific product, like Swisse's Firming Eye Serum ($27.99) which includes hyaluronic acid, then so be it. So long as our skin is getting the hydration it needs all summer long, we'll be beaming.

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