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Is Natural Mascara Safer For Your Eyes?

When it comes to the prized possession that is our makeup bag, it can be hard to replace a tried-and-tested staple for a completely new product. But with natural makeup on the serious rise, it's time to consider a switch up that's good for you, your confidence and, of course, the planet. Besides, you know what they say - you'll never know if you never try!

A good place to start is mascara, as you won't have to boggle your brain with considering tone matches and skin reactions — it's a simple swap if you know a volumising black is what your lashes crave.

Simple brainwork aside, mascaras also have a short lifespan — it's recommended we replace them once every three months to avoid infections and other nasties — so it makes sense to try an alternative product when the time rolls around, right?

INIKA Organic's new Vegan Mascara Collection is one we'd recommend when the clock strikes, because they're all organic, vegan, totally natural and 100% plant-based. Translation? Your lashes won't be coated in toxic chemicals, the result is long-lasting and you won't cop those god-awful mascara clumps.

You see, those mascara build ups could be a result of the talc and silicone in whichever mascara you're using now. While it might make your lashes look thicker, all they're really doing is volumising them with hard-to-remove chemicals.

Mentally adding to cart? This range has plenty of natural formulas that serve every need to a tee. If you're after something to add volume, give the Bold Lash Vegan Mascara a try. Seeking curl? Go for the Curvy Lash option. For everything else, there's the OG Certified Organic Mascara.

We tried the lot and our fave was without a doubt the Long Lash Vegan Mascara ($45) which was all benefits and zero smudge. It was also just the right mix of lengthening and thickening, whilst still maintaining a natural, fluttery look — not an easy feat.

Natural beauty is worth batting an eyelid over, trust us.

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