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The Bachelor 2019 Extended Trailer

The 5 Biggest Things We Have to Look Forward to on This Season of The Bachelor

The new season of The Bachelor starring Matthew Agnew is now so close we can almost taste it. To tide us over until the series premiere, an extended trailer has just been released and oh boy, it's a doozy. It may be less than three minutes long, but it is jam-packed with sneak peeks of the antics that are set to unfold. Already we know we'll be set to feast our eyeballs on plenty of tears, tantrums and, oh yeah, some lovey-dovey stuff too.

Here's the top 5 biggest things from the trailer, whether good or bad, we can look forward to seeing this season.

1. Matthew Asks Someone to Leave

Ah, this ol' classic. In seasons past we have seen many a Bachie forced to ask someone to leave the mansion outside of their designated rose ceremonies. As much as the circumstances behind the exit have been varied, each time you can almost guarantee the woman has been drama with a capital D. Although we don't know who the contestant in question is yet, we are she'll be set to make a splash on this season.

2. Someone Calls Matthew a "Disrespectful Pig"

Whoa there! Although we have only just started to get to know Matthew, we already know that describing him as a "disrespectful pig" is well, pretty strong to say the least. We see this bomb dropped on Matthew by frontrunner Abbie (of "I'm a gemini" fame) in the midst of their one-on-one time. While we don't know who exactly said this about Matthew yet, or their reasoning behind it, it's safe to say we have never before seen a Bachelor described with such . . . ah, intensity.

3. Matthew Walks Off on the Ladies

In a development that may or may not be related to the woman who is asked to leave, or the woman who calls him a disrespectful pig, Matthew is seen walking away from his entire group of contestants. "For me, tonight's been a tremendous waste of time, and I'm f*cked off," we see him say before he dramatically exits. We may now be into our seventh season of The Bachelor, but we don't recall ever having seen a Bachie so angered by their entire cohort of women before.

4. Someone Says They're Falling in Love With Him

Finally, the reason we are (really) all here! We have confirmation that at least one of this year's women falls in love with Matthew, phewf! We don't yet know who the loved-up lady in question is, but all we can say is that we hope things work out well for her.

5. Matthew Says 'I Love You' to Someone

Considering the ah, unfortunate conclusion to Nick Cummins' season last year, we can all breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that Matthew does indeed fall in love with someone throughout the course of the show. Not only that, but he "never believed in the perfect women until [he] met [her]." Well, if that doesn't you excited for the season, ahead, we don't know what would.

Check out the full trailer featuring all these moments and more above!

Image Source: Network Ten
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