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Priyanka Chopra Eats Hot Wings on The Tonight Show Video

Priyanka Chopra Has No Chill While Eating a Hot Sauce 400 Times Spicier Than a Jalapeño

Priyanka Chopra visited Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night, and together, they decided to take on the Hot Ones challenge. The challenge — hosted by Sean Evans — is pretty simple. You start with four hot wings, then add a different hot sauce to each one, starting in the "chill zone" and quickly working your way up to the hottest sauce, which is 400 times hotter than a jalapeño. Yeah, it's super chill.

It starts off as you'd expect: with a manageable level of spice and a lot of bravado. Chopra jokes that Evans once "tried to kill my husband," Nick Jonas, with the same challenge back in May. It's clear pretty early on that Chopra can handle the heat far better than Fallon, who starts spluttering and losing his mind around the second wing. By the third, he's a total mess and has full-body shakes. Meanwhile, Chopra is calmly sipping water and continuing a casual conversation as she's grilled by Evans, per the rules of the Hot Ones challenge.

By the last wing, I'm concerned for both of them as they descend swiftly into a whole world of pain. Watch the hilarious full video above.

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