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Is there a Postcredit Scene in Men in Black: International?

Save Yourself the Wait, We Can Tell You If Men in Black: International Has a Postcredits Scene

MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL, (aka MIB: INTERNATIONAL), from left: Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, 2019. ph: Giles Keyte /  Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

Men in Black: International is the latest entry in the MIB franchise and it's packed with as many finely tailored suits, mind-blowing aliens, and drool-worthy space weapons that fans can dream of. With a star-studded cast that includes Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, the flick is stacked with hilarity and the action (though the plot can leave you scratching your head a little). Considering how the film's conclusion is pretty open-ended — and how much fun the cast had on-set — you're probably expecting a little treat after the credits scroll up. Sorry to say, movie lovers, but MIB: International is one of the Summer flicks without a special surprise at the end.

Some minor spoilers for Men in Black: International ahead!

While there might not be any cheeky footage for viewers patient enough to wait for the credits to roll, the film's ending does hint at a possibility for a future sequel. The bad guys lose and the good guys win, but just as Agents M and H seem to be saying their final goodbyes, the two reunite for one more roadtrip and decide to take the scenic route. With M getting promoted to a full-time agent heading for New York and H being promoted to High T of the London office, it could be a kiss off. But it doesn't feel like it! It's not much, but we can't help but wonder if that roadtrip could lead the two into another adventure.

Maybe a Men and Women In Black: Milky Way? Or even something following Agents M and H in their respective sides of the pond as they handle business in New York and London. It's a franchise about aliens and saving the world, there's infinite possibilities for another round!

Image Source: Everett Collection
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