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A Quick Instagram Core Workout to Light Up Your Abs

I Tried This Trainer's Instagram Stability Ball Workout, and My Abs and I Could Barely Finish

The only core move I've really done with a stability ball is stir the pot, and that one exercise is tough enough to instill some major respect for this underrated piece of equipment. When I saw that Cindy Yu, an AFLCA-certified personal trainer from Canada posted a creative "core-alicious" workout on Instagram using only a stability ball, I knew I had to give it a try. Cindy (@cindyyufitness on Instagram) posts some of my favourite Instagram workouts, and this core-focussed circuit looked right up my alley — challenging but doable.

So . . . make that EXTREMELY challenging. Three out of five moves require you to balance on the ball on your elbows or hands, adding in a stability element that had my core absolutely shaking. It took me a full minute to be able to do the first exercise without literally falling off the ball. My advice: go slower than you think you need to and definitely modify. It took me four full rounds to be able to do all the exercises, and even then, I couldn't quite manage the tricep press plank with knee tap. (I modified it to just the knee tap.) Even with modifications, this quick workout lights up your core all over the place. My abs were shaking for a good half hour afterwards.

Quick Stability Ball Core Workout

Equipment Needed: A stability ball.

Directions: Do 30-40 seconds of each of the following exercises. Complete three to four total rounds of the circuit.

  • Jackknife (ball knee tuck) to push-up
  • Windshield wiper
  • Forward roll with toe tap
  • Tricep press plank with knee taps
  • Deadbug

Check out the video above to see how to do each exercise.

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