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Jess Thomas Personal Essay On Manifestation and Wellbeing

Jess Thomas on Stepping Back From 'Hustle Culture' Through Manifestation

Today, there is a very one-dimensional representation of how to achieve success. Succeeding in entrepreneurship or business if often synonymous with the term 'hustle' and for working Mum's out there, the 'juggle'.

The hustle has led us to believe that the only way to succeed is through sacrificing not only sleep but any sense of self-care, balance, enjoyment or wellbeing. But what is there was a way to achieve more success and faster growth in your career and life whilst thriving and maintaining a sense of fulfilment, mental wellbeing and even fun.

Manifestation may sound a little airy-fairy, or passive for action-orientated personalities like myself, but I can assure you that taking massive and inspired action is a fundamental part of the manifestation process. There are many different definitions of manifestation, but put simply it is the practice of using techniques to activate the subconscious mind and help you actualise the life that you truly desire. The important thing to understand about manifestation is that it's a process, and there's a formula to it.

The manifestation formula involves unlocking your limiting beliefs and redefining success to bring your life into alignment and expand your parameters of what is actually possible. It's not just limited to success in your business and career, manifestation is a tool to help level up all areas of your life from relationships, money, wellness, and even motherhood. But it has been a tool what has accelerated my business growth, magnetised incredible opportunities and helped me maintain self-care practises and my mental wellbeing in the process.

See below my top tips on how manifestation can help you manage your wellbeing whilst bringing your wildest dreams into fruition.

It Starts With Self-Care

As the saying goes, "you cannot pour from an empty cup" and the same goes for manifestation. You cannot manifest from a place of exhaustion, lack and burnout. It's essential to install wellbeing and self-care practises into your life and business before you can start trying to level up your life and explore these principals.

Unlock Beliefs Holding You Back

We all have limiting beliefs that hold us back, especially around areas such as success and money. Sometimes as women, we have limiting subconscious fears around achieving success and we are afraid of our shining family, partners or friends. But these beliefs are energetically projecting to the universe that you wan to stay small, and as such, the universe will simply block big and exciting opportunities for you. So, you need to create a new belief system around success.

Level-Up Your Story Telling

Our mind is programmed to keep us comfortable and will resist change and growth. Become aware of what stories you are telling yourself, especially around the parts of your life that you want to change the most. I used to have many limiting stories around balancing motherhood and my business growth. Once you are aware of these stories, you need to create new and empowering ones that will help you magnetise more success and abundance into your life and business.

Pay Attention to Your Words

If you're wanting to manifest growth and new opportunities in your business or life, you need to consciously choose new and empowering words that support these new beliefs and magnetise abundance. Words I love to include are; growth, solutions, opportunity, learning, winning, can, love, fun and grateful. Words are powerful, make good choices.

Vision Boards are Part of a Formula

There is a misconception that all you need to do is create a vision board, place it in your wardrobe and four years later all your dreams will have been achieved. I'm a huge believer in visualisation and vision boards, but it's a part of the formula, so it needs to be done in conjunction with other spiritual work and coupled with action. It also must be truly aligned to you, your beliefs and your true definition of success.

Jess Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Health Lab and is passionate about fuelling women to live remarkably.

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