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POPSUGAR Conversations News and Culture Facebook Group

Join the Cultural Conversation With Our Exclusive New Facebook Group

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If you're glued to the news (for better or worse), passionate about equality, and just plain curious about the world around you, we get it. So are we. That's why we're so excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook group: POPSUGAR Conversations.

POPSUGAR Conversations is a place where we can all share ideas by talking to — versus shouting over — each other. We'll dig into topics like equal pay, cannabis, and gender fluidity. The goal is to learn something new, inspire each other to expand our thinking, and find a place to talk about the issues that matter to us, all in the spirit of community.

As an editor who is professionally responsible for, and personally obsessed with, staying up to date on the news and educating myself on issues that matter, I'm excited to spearhead this new community and engage with you.

Join us at POPSUGAR Conversations and let's get talking!

Image Source: Getty / LaylaBird
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