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Baby Hack For Bottles

Parents, If You Can’t Even See Your Kitchen Counter Under All Those Baby Bottles, You’ll Praise This Simple Hack

No matter how much effort I put into keeping baby bottles and parts of said bottles off of the kitchen counter, they gather, silently in the night, of course. By the time I return to the kitchen after a deep organisational achievement, it's all back where it started. Dr. Brown bottles, nipples, vent inserts, accessories, and the cleaning brush. Even as my daughter has graduated from infant bottles to mid-range sippy cups, the parts continue to rear their faces, in all of their hideous, clear plastic glory.

No more. No more bottle brigades! This tried and true baby bottle hack shows a simple way to store it all (if you've ever put them in the cabinet, you know they all come tumbling out like Dominos). Using an over-the-door clear shoe hanger, you can store all of your dry pieces in one place that's out of the way, freeing up your counters once and for all. It's a kitchen miracle.

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