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How Family of 5 Lives in 1-Bedroom Apartment

If You Think You're Outgrowing Your Home, See How This Family of 5 Lives Happily in a 1-Bedroom Apartment

There's not a mum among us who hasn't wished she had a bit more space — an extra bedroom, a bigger backyard, or a larger attic. But before you start feeling too claustrophobic in your three-bedroom house, take a look at this family, who are surviving — and surprisingly thriving — in a 55-square-metre, one-bedroom apartment . . . with their three kids.

Although Heather and Dominique moved their family into the tiny Canadian apartment to save money to put toward their eldest son's autism therapy program, the couple have surprised even themselves with how their living situation — which isn't far from the norm for most urban families — is, well, livable.

Now, what was once a short-term downsizing solution — they're able to save close to $2,000 each month! — has become a way of life, and the rest of us in our spacious homes and two-bedroom condos can take a few pointers from them when we start to feel like we're outgrowing our space.

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