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Husband's Letter to His Wife When She Was Sick

This Husband Found Out Just HOW Much His Wife Does After She Got Sick With a Stomach Bug

My husband has always been quite poetic and writes lovely things, always has, since we first started dating. He sent me...

Posted by Laura Mazza on Sunday, June 9, 2019

Although it's no secret that parents do a heck of a lot, recently, blogger Laura Mazza's husband realised just how much his wife is responsible for on any given day when she got sick with a nasty stomach bug. While she was sick in bed for a few days, her husband took over all of her household and parenting duties, which inspired him to write a her a sweet note to let her know just how much he appreciates her.

"I have always thought your job as a mum is important. I've never doubted how much you do. But I underestimated it," he wrote. "For five years you've never left the kids to cry. You never want them to be alone. I also know now that even if you start in bed with me, you end up in Luca's bed anyway, which is not sleeping by the way. That kid kicked me in the balls at least 18 times. You are the most selfless person I know. How do you do that every night?"

He also noted how dang hard multitasking can be when you have little kids running around.

"I don't think I'm a hopeless cook, but the kids got KFC and [McDonald's] every night because it's hard to watch them and make dinner," he explained. "OK, I lied, maybe I'm a hopeless cook. I do know that we literally went to nothing in the house and the fridge was empty. Even between your vomits you tried to get up and do stuff and clean. I did say I wanted you to rest but mostly I wanted it to not spread. At one point though I felt like it would have been easier to have gastro then try and clean with the kids and basically be you for a few days."

He continued, highlighting just how exhausted the few days left him. "I believed you when you said James was clingy, but that kid isn't just like Velcro, he is super glue," he said, adding: "I had to hold him and do things with one hand while Sofia turned into the devil and Luca didn't listen to me. I did that wild scream you did. I know where it comes from now. I was you for 48 hours and now I understand why you lock the door at night to have that shower. I'm exhausted. You are a good mother my beautiful wife. Never doubt yourself. And I even took a photo of you, see?"

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