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Laundry Basket Hack

This Hack Ensures Your Kids' Dirty Clothes Stay Off the Floor Once and For All

No matter what we do, it seems like every time we turn around, our kids are leaving a trail of dirty clothes behind them. Since consistently picking up dirty socks — or yelling at your children to do so — can be frustrating, we have been looking everywhere to find a solution to our little problem.

Thankfully, Tidy Mess, an Instagram account dedicated to keeping your space clean, clued us into a simple hack that keeps dirty clothes off the floor for good (and helps you sort all the loads so that each one is ready to go once its basket is full). Simply install a few shelving brackets, and hook your family's laundry baskets on accordingly. Parents can break it up by delicates, colours, and whites like in the photo, or opt to give each kid their own place to store dirty clothes. Three or four places for dirty clothes to land definitely ups the odds the clothes'll make it into the basket, no?

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