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Trey Kennedy's Video About What Moms Are Like

This Comedian's Back With a Hilarious New Mum Spoof Video, and We Can't Keep It Together

Moms. Part 2.

Moms. (Part 2)

Posted by Trey Kennedy on Thursday, May 23, 2019

Trey Kennedy, a comedian who can mimic our mothers a little too well, recently released a new video called "Mums Pt. 2," and holy smokes, is he accurate or what? He shared the hilarious clip on his Facebook page, and within an hour, it went completely viral. He touches on everything from how mums react when you bring home a B grade to how they pronounce Chipotle, and how nosy mamas can be when it comes to how other families keep their homes. Although the first clip he released about mums was no doubt spot on, this video might take the cake. After all, whose parents actually get the concept of memes? No one's! Watch until the end to get a seriously good laugh.

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