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Video of Dad Imitating Baby's Milk-Drunk Facial Expressions

Please Appreciate This Side-by-Side Video of a Dad Imitating His Newborn's Milk-Drunk Faces

New dad Josh Hawkins went viral when he shared a video of his newborn daughter, Billie, reacting happily to a head massage, and now he's back at it again with another video of himself imitating her sweet faces. As someone who knows Josh personally, the first time I saw the video of Billie's head rub, I thought, "Yup, that's Josh's kid for sure." Josh is known for his hilarious facial expressions — hence the easily identified family resemblance — and spot-on impressions, so it's no surprise he imitated Billie's newborn expressions to a T in a side-by-side video posted to his Instagram (he even wore her headbands and bibs for authenticity!). "Copying my daughter's milk drunk faces is my new full time job," he captioned the hysterical video. See the full clip above!

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