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Video of Dad Trying and Failing to Change His Son's Nappy

This Video of a Dad Who "Doesn't Change Very Many Nappies" Is Going Completely Viral

Obviously Phil doesn’t change very many diapers lol

Posted by Mikayla Vaught on Saturday, January 11, 2020

A dad named Phil is going completely viral thanks to a video of him attempting to change his toddler's nappy, captured by his wife, Mikayla Vaught. In the clip, Phil can be seen holding onto little Axel's legs as he lets out a chorus of "Axel, stop, nos" and "It's not funny!" exclamations. He gags as soon as Axel's poop-filled nappy is opened and continuously has to wrangle his toddler, who seriously needs to be enrolled in some gymnastics classes (Axel's coy smile totally gives away that he knows *exactly* what he's doing by wiggling around and making the nappy-changing process more difficult for his dad!).

Mikayla hilariously captioned the video, "Obviously Phil doesn't change very many nappies lol," and later added in the comments, "I'm glad everyone is enjoying this as much as I did." You need to watch the video ripe with comedy gold for yourself, but we'll say this in case you need any additional convincing: the clip ends with Axel in a headstand, a baby wipe stuck mid-wipe, while Phil screams, "HELP ME!" at Mikayla. It's so worth watching on a loop.

Image Source: Mikayla Vaught
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